Catalina Island Eats   

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Curious about Island life? Refer to some of our most common FAQs below: 

Do You Accept Cash Payments?

No. We accept credit cards and gift certificates as forms of payment. Sorry, no IOUs either. Cash can be accepted in the form of a gratuity to the driver.

Can I Place a Phone Order?

No. Catalina Island Eats is entirely online. If you need help ordering, please send us an email or phone a friend for assistance!

Can I Place an Order with a Restaurant NOT Shown on Your Site?

Currently, we are partnering with Maggie's Blue Rose, Steve's Steakhouse & Seafood, Catalina Island Brew House, The Lobster Trap, Cafe Metropole, Coyote Joe's, and Toyon Grill. If you do not see the restaurant you wish to order from, you will need to place your order directly with that establishment. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver food from "non-partner" restaurants.

Suggest we add another partner by emailing us!

I'm Am Exploring the Interior, Can You Deliver Food to Me?

Sorry, but no! That is a little out of our range. But, you can place an online order and have food ready for pick-up upon your return!

I am Adrift in the Ocean off of Catalina Island, Can You Deliver Food to Me?

While we would love to help, unfortunately that is out of our current scope! If you have cell reception, you can place an order and have it ready for your return to town!

I Had too Much Fun and Forgot Placing an Order! What Can I Do?

If you were not present at the desired delivery location, unable to answer any of the driver's calls/text messages confirming the order/delivery or you gave a faulty address, rendering us unable to find you to transfer over your meal, you are out of luck! Our goal is to offer quick and efficient service to all customers and in order to do so we must remain on a tight schedule. If you or a friend are unable to be present to accept your food order, you are therefore forfeiting your order which is non-refundable. Everyone is human and therefore address errors occur! If this is the case, please message us immediately if you notice an error and also be sure to pay attention to your order delivery queue which provides up to the minute location details on your order! Communication is key!

Do You Live on the Island?

Yes. Really! Most of us don't commute daily and have lived here for quite a while. And yes...we venture over to the mainland too!